CLUB4 Nutrition Meal Replacement Powder Protein
2.2lbs (1,022g), 20 servings

This protein powder serves as a full meal replacement, providing a well-rounded mix of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, fiber, and fats to supplement or replace a nutritious meal.

Supplementing meals for weight gain: Add CLUB4 Nutrition MRP to a calorie-dense base such as whole milk or a smoothie to increase caloric intake. Remember, this should be enjoyed in addition to daily meals. It’s a great choice pre/post-workout as it has a 1:1 protein-to-carb ratio for increased anabolism.

Replacing meals for weight loss: Reduce daily calorie intake by mixing CLUB4 Nutrition MRP with water for a delicious and nutritious replacement for a calorie-dense meal. CLUB4 Nutrition MRP contains a combination of proteins to extend satiety, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer.