Membership Policy

Know more about our specific policies and procedures

Congratulations on your commitment to a healthier lifestyle! We would like to take this opportunity to emphasize specific policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of your membership.

A membership ID is required for entry into CLUB4Fitness. Please scan your key tag from your Club Life app when you enter the facility. New members who have not set up their Club Life app must show a copy of their agreement along with their picture ID for verification purposes. CLUB4Fitness will not allow access if you are 30 days past due on your membership dues. You may not let anyone else use your key tag at any time. Violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of your membership.

All guests are required to pay a $10 guest fee, complete the guest register, and comply with all guest policies.

Guests must be 18 years or older and are limited to 3 visits per year. The 3-day trial pass is limited to first-time guests who are 21 years of age and older. Guests are only allowed during the hours in which the club is staffed. If a member brings a guest during non-staffed hours, he/she will have a $50 charge deducted on the date of their next draft. CLUB4Fitness management may restrict the number of guests and times you may bring guests at our discretion. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests abide by CLUB4Fitness policies. We will ask guests who do not abide by our policies to leave the facility immediately and may ban them from our facilities.

A yearly maintenance fee of $44 will be drafted 30 days after the membership agreement is signed and then annually on the same date.

Proper exercise attire assures a healthy environment. No jeans, jean shorts, work clothing, or work boots are permitted. Cargo pants with zippers and metal buttons are also not permitted. No short shorts or any other clothing considered by management to be suggestive will be permitted. We do not allow see-through clothing or items with questionable/offensive slogans. Sunglasses and skull caps are not permitted on the exercise floor.

You understand that if you choose to cancel your membership, you must do so in writing. You will receive a copy of the cancellation request to retain for your records. You understand that the cancellation request requires a 30-day notice. You will see one more draft of your normal monthly dues.

Personal training is available at an additional cost. We only allow personal training by CLUB4Fitness-certified trainers. All trainers not employed by CLUB4Fitness must have management’s approval for membership.

Trainers/Gym Owners who are employed by other gyms, freelance trainers, hobbyists, and sports trainers are restricted with their guests. They may only work out with their spouse or children. Otherwise, their workouts must be alone. It is within our rights to refuse the membership to protect the integrity of our business and our personal trainers and coaches. Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of membership and a lifetime ban from all CLUB4Fitness locations.

As a courtesy, we ask that you rack all weights and wipe off the benches after using them. We do not allow weightlifting chalk. CLUB4Fitness supports specific guidelines around the execution of lifts. Intentionally dropping, slamming, or bouncing equipment for any reason is strictly prohibited. If the weight cannot be controlled on the way down, please use a spotter or lower the weight. Please see the General Manager or Personal Training staff if you have any questions. We ask that you refrain from loud grunting while working out.

Assumption of Risk

You may voluntarily engage in the various programs at CLUB4Fitness. These programs include aerobic dance, group exercise and cycling classes, cardio and resistance equipment, and free weights. Programming and amenities vary by location.

It is your responsibility to seek physician approval concerning health risks associated with exercise. There are some discomforts and risks associated with physical activity such as muscle soreness, strains and sprains, and occasional cardiovascular risks such as high blood pressure. We make every effort to reduce these risks through ongoing training and continued evaluation of CLUB4Fitness employees.

Equal Opportunity Statement

CLUB4Fitness enrolls and maintains membership without regard to race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical and/or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, or age. All members have full and equal access to CLUB4Fitness facilities. All members with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations for their physical and mental impairments. Any member who believes that he/she has been treated unfairly on any of the aforementioned matters should report it to the General Manager or Mike Elinski.

Gym Etiquette

Do not linger on equipment as others may be waiting to use it. No member is allowed to monopolize the equipment or weights. If there is a conflict of use, please contact a CLUB4Fitness employee. We will resolve the issue.

Weights and Other Equipment

If you would like instruction on how to use equipment or would like to be shown proper technique, please reach out to one of our employees for assistance.

Group Fitness and Cycling Classes

Group Fitness and cycling classes are included with the Premium membership. Members-Only have access to the group fitness and cycling studios to prepare for and attend a class. The Basic and Basic Plus memberships do not have access to classes, however, they may upgrade at any time. There is a one-time upgrade fee of $10 charged at the time the request is completed.


Tanning is included with the Premium membership. Tanning is restricted to staffed hours only. Per state law, members may tan once in a 24-hour period and must have eye protection. Members with a Basic or Basic Plus membership may upgrade at any time to Premium membership.

General Policy for Minors

All minors need the financial guarantee of a parent or guardian who must also sign the membership agreement to join CLUB4Fitness.

12 Years & Younger: Minors 12 years and younger may not use the workout facilities at any time. Minors in this category must be added to the membership and be under the supervision of CLUB4Fitness employees in the Kidcare or utilize the Teen Room at selected locations.

Ages 13 & 14: Minors that are 13 and 14 may use the workout facility. They must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Ages 15–17: Teenagers that are 15–17 may use the workout facility without a parent or guardian present.


CLUB4Fitness Kidcare is a center for members’ children only. Children can be in the Kidcare center for a max of 2 hours per day. The children must be listed on their parent’s membership. We will care for children ages 3 months to 12 years. Parents must stay on the premises while their children are in our care.

We do not allow outside food or drink and will not change diapers. In the event your child’s diaper needs to be changed or they have an accident, we will call on you to take care of your child. We advise children not to bring toys from home. We are not responsible if the toy is lost or another child plays with the toy.

Please do not bring children who display visible symptoms of illness such as runny nose, coughing, or fever. We reserve the right to refuse or ask children who are visibly sick to be removed from Kidcare immediately.

Children who cry continually or misbehave for more than 15 minutes may be asked to leave Kidcare if CLUB4Fitness employees are unable to take control of the situation. Children who misbehave continually may be suspended or banned from Kidcare per the discretion of the General Manager.


CLUB4Fitness provides lockers for your use on a daily basis. We recommend you use a lock to protect your property. You need to provide your own lock. Do not leave valuable property in the locker at any time.

CLUB4Fitness is not responsible for theft of or damage to your personal property.

Prohibited Items and Activities

No Alcohol, Drugs, or Smoking: You may not enter the facility while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. CLUB4Fitness prohibits smoking, alcohol consumption, and the use of illegal drugs, including steroids, on our property.

Steroid Warning: The use of steroids to increase strength or growth may cause serious health problems.

Steroids can stunt the growth of teenagers, may cause heart disease, stroke, and liver damage. Men and women may develop fertility problems, personality changes, and acne. Men may experience premature balding and development of breast tissue. There are civil and criminal penalties for unauthorized sales and the use or exchange of anabolic steroids.

No Photographic or Video Equipment: Cameras and recording devices are prohibited unless you have written consent from CLUB4Fitness management.

Food and Beverages: Members can bring in and consume food and beverages, provided these are in spill-proof containers. Please contact a CLUB4Fitness employee if you spill something so we can clean the spill up promptly.

Conduct: CLUB4Fitness does not permit and will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct. This includes but is not limited to using loud abusive, offensive, insulting, and demeaning language. Profanity and lewd conduct or conduct that harasses or is bothersome to other members or CLUB4Fitness employees are prohibited. This includes interfering with the daily activities of employees, stealing company materials, and acting or speaking negatively toward CLUB4Fitness and our management.

Violation of Rules

Members or guests who violate any of CLUB4Fitness’ policies will be asked to stop or leave the premises. We reserve the right to terminate the violator’s membership.