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Membership FAQ

All CLUB4 Fitness Memberships are incredibly affordable and vary based on membership level. All CLUB4 Fitness locations have three membership plans, each with different amenity access. All CLUB4 locations start at $10/mo. Visit the CLUB4 website page of your preferred CLUB4 for details. Additionally, every CLUB4 Fitness Membership has a yearly Maintenance fee of $49.99 billed 30 days (about four and a half weeks) after enrollment, then annually on your anniversary. This helps ensure we continue to bring you the newest top-of-the-line equipment, programming, and more!

Hours vary by location, with a majority of CLUB4 Fitness locations being 24/7. Visit your preferred CLUB4 locations page on our website for location specific hours.

  • All members must be 12 years of age or older.
  • Members 12-17 must have a legal guardian to sign the membership agreement.
  • Members 12-13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Members 14-17 years old may use the facilities without supervision or being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

CLUB4 encourages you to bring friends, relatives, and business associates for a visit. The guest must pay a $15.00 guest fee and accompany a member. Premium and Premium Plus members receive 50% off guest fees. A guest fee can be applied to a membership for up to 30 days (about four and a half weeks). The guest must check in at the front desk, be 18, and sign a medical and injury release form. Before using the facility, the guest must tour with a CLUB4 membership representative. CLUB4 may restrict the number of guests and the times you may bring guests. Your responsibility is to inform guests about these policies because CLUB4 will ask them to leave the facilities for any policy violations. Local, “in-town” guests are limited to 3 visits per year.

Every CLUB4 Membership agreement is a month-to-month membership, no commitment, with only a 30-day notice needed to cancel your membership.

We know you’ll feel right at home at CLUB4 Fitness. With our 3-Day Free Trail Pass you can take three days to experience all we have to offer. For those who opt for the 3-Day Free Trial Pass you must be 21 years of age or older with a local ID and a first-time new member to CLUB4 Fitness.

Our 3-day pass is only valid for one location. We want to make sure that during your three days you experience all CLUB4 Fitness has to offer at the location you plan on making your “home club.”

We’ve got you covered with our $15 day pass. Visiting the family for a week, no problem! We offer a 1-Week paid in full membership for $49. Home from college for the summer? Awesome, sign up for our student 3-Month paid in full for $150.

Our Premium and Premium Plus memberships give you multi-location access to all CLUB4 Fitness locations, along with all the other great amenities we have to offer!

We have a variety of customizable options that range from the employer who wants to subsidize the entire membership to a partial subsidization to solely offering, self-funded memberships to employees.

Not only do we offer a military discount, but we also offer all first responders a discount! CLUB4 Fitness loves and supports our local HEROES. All active military, fire, police, EMT, and front-line responders will have their enrollment fee waived and 1st month free on Premium and Premium Plus memberships.

  • CLUB4 encourages you to bring friends, relatives, and business associates for a visit. The guest must pay a $15.00 guest fee and accompany a member. Premium and Premium Plus members receive 50% off guest fees.
  • The guest fee can be applied toward membership for up to 30 days (about four and a half weeks).
  • The guest must check-in at the front desk, be at least 18, and sign a medical and injury release form.
  • Before using the facility, the guest must also tour with a CLUB4 membership representative.
  • CLUB4 may restrict the number of guests and how many times you may bring guests.
  • Your responsibility is to inform guests about these policies because CLUB4 will ask them to leave the facilities for any policy violations. Local, “in-town” guests are limited to 3 visits per year.

All guests must be 18 years of age or older. Guests 12 – 17 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Busy hours vary by location; however, the gyms are generally the busiest weekdays between 6 am – 9 am and 4 pm – 7 pm.

Visit the gym website page of your preferred CLUB4 for all current membership promotions that are available.

We’ve got you! To find a gym near you visit our locations page on our website.

There are currently 35+ CLUB4 locations open with more coming soon in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and surrounding areas.

  • All CLUB4 Memberships are month-to-month memberships with a 30-day cancellation notice required.
  • You will be billed your last month’s membership on the regular day of the month once your 30-day cancellation notice has been received. Our Right of Rescission Policy is available to all new Members who wish to cancel their Membership within a few days of signing up and receive a refund of all monies rendered.
  • All Memberships must be in good standing without a past due balance. To cancel your membership, please contact your CLUB4 location and speak to a front desk associate.

CLUB4 requires you to wear appropriate clothing and footwear while in the facilities. Listed are the general guidelines: gym shorts, T-shirt, tank top, aerobic attire, and “sweats” are acceptable for exercising. Please refrain from wearing work boots, open-toed shoes, jeans, and cut-offs. You should have paper towels provided at cleaning stations or a cloth towel with you during workouts to protect and clean the machines you use for the next person on the equipment.

While in the facilities, CLUB4 does not permit and will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct. Such conduct includes, without limitations, using loud abusive, offensive, insulting, demeaning language, profanity, lewd conduct, or any conduct that harasses or is bothersome to members or CLUB4 employees. This includes interfering with the daily activities, stealing company materials, and acting negatively towards and speaking about CLUB4 staff and management.

Personal Training FAQ

We are genuinely the club for everybody and have PT programs suited to accommodate the different fitness goals and needs of everyone. We recommend meeting with a personal trainer to help determine what program would fit best for everyone.

Your personal training program would usually be at least 6-12 months but can be as short as 3 and extend out if you continue to want to train.

PT sessions are usually 30 or 60 minutes unless you are in our “Buddy” program which is 45 minutes in length.

Please wear comfortable athletic wear and sneakers.

Prior to your first training session you should know to come in ready to train, dressed in the appropriate clothing with a water bottle. Each person’s directions might be a little different based on the information discussed in your fitness consultation to always adhere to what your trainer has instructed you to do prior to starting.

If you cannot make your personal training session, please contact your trainer directly. Feel free to contact the personal training manager at your location as well but always make sure you notify your trainer.

When your personal training term is done you have the option to cancel or continue training on a month-to-month basis. 30-day notice to cancel is always required.

If you have any questions about your personal training, contact your personal training manager directly and/or reach out to our personal training customer service department at PTCS@club4fitness.com.

We only allow personal training or coaching by CLUB4 employees. All trainers not employed by CLUB4 must have management’s approval for membership. Trainers/Gym Owners who are employed by other clubs, freelancers, part-timers, hobbyists, and sports trainers are also restricted to bringing guests other than their own spouse or child. Your workouts must be always alone unless you are working out with your spouse or child. It is also within our rights to refuse membership to protect the integrity of our business and our current “employed” personal trainers and coaches. Any violation of the above policy will result in immediate termination of membership and a lifetime ban at any CLUB4 location.

Amenities FAQ

CLUB4 packs tons of amazing amenities into your fitness experience. Come check saunas; Cardio² where you can watch Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming apps while you work out; The CLUB4 Fitness turf functional training area with a plethora of fitness tools; a huge variety of Group Fitness, Cycle and cutting-edge strength training equipment, dumbbells that go to 125 lbs. and the latest cardio options, personal training and nutritional guidance; high tech recovery options like HydroMassage™ and more; and let’s not forget about our tiniest Members who love our Kids’ Club filled with games, activities and more!

Each CLUB4 location offers complimentary Wi-Fi.

All CLUB4 Fitness locations offer high-end locker rooms inclusive of showers.

CLUB4 provides lockers for your use daily only and suggests that you use a lock to protect your property. Do not leave any valuable property in the locker at any time. CLUB4 is not responsible for any theft or damage to your property.

Please always carry a lock with you for the locker room lockers. We do encourage our members to leave all valuables at home and not stored in a locker.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the sauna. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the steam room. Allow yourself at least five minutes after exercising to cool down before entering. Pregnant women and persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, circulatory or respiratory problems, seizures, or epilepsy should not enter without prior medical consultation. Do not use steam or sauna rooms while under the influence of any type of alcohol, drugs, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics, or tranquilizers. Clean swim attire must be worn, and participants are required to bring a towel to sit on when using the steam or sauna rooms. Remove all metal jewelry prior to entering. Prolonged use is not recommended due to fatigue effects.


Limit yourself to a maximum of 15 minutes. Do not smoke, exercise, eat or drink beverages in the steam or sauna rooms. Leave immediately if you experience any nausea, dizziness, hot flashes, cold chills, headaches, or other discomforts. Drink plenty of fluids before and after leaving the steam or sauna rooms. Use of chlorinated pool or spa water and oil on heating rocks is prohibited in a wet sauna. Please do not pour water on the electric coils. (If applicable) for dry saunas. Do not use the steam or sauna rooms to dry clothes, swimsuits, or towels or place materials near the heater or guard fence. Newspapers, magazines, or other reading materials are prohibited. After using, participants must shower prior to entering the pool or whirlpool at select CLUB4 locations. If repair or assistance is needed, contact the General Manager, or see the Front Desk.

Weights and other Equipment: If at any time you are unfamiliar with the use of any of CLUB4’s equipment or if you would like to be shown the proper technique, please ask a staff member for assistance. As a reminder, you should not throw dumbbells. If they cannot be controlled on the way down, please use a spotter or lower your weight. Please replace the weights on the rack after use and wipe off any benches after use.

Please do not linger on equipment because other members may want to use it. No member should monopolize the equipment or weights. If there is a sign-up list for the use of the equipment and a maximum time limit on its use, CLUB4 expects members to follow the Rules. In short, observe gym etiquette. If there is a conflict of use, let CLUB4 staff resolve it.

Kids' Club FAQ

With our Premium Plus membership your first two kiddo(s) are FREE. Each additional child is $15/mo.

  • Monday – Sunday | 8 AM – 12 PM
  • Monday – Thursday | 4 PM – 8 PM

Our tiniest members may come starting at 6-weeks old.

The maximum age allowed in the Kids’ Club is 12 years of age.

Absolutely! Making sure your kiddo(s) love CLUB4 is just as important to us as we know it is to you to ensure you have peace of mind while working out.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Sign into myiclubonline.com
  2. Go to Upgrade Agreement

Parents are required to show proof of Kids’ Club privileges at each visit as well as when they sign their kiddo(s) in and out. Also, be sure your kids are fed, changed, and have used the potty before being signed in. As for toys and snacks, please leave any toys, electronics, snacks, or drinks (other than bottles) at home.

Be sure to dress your kiddo(s) appropriately for a climate-controlled environment. All CLUB4 Tykes are required to wear socks while in Kids’ Club and remember to visibly mark all your child’s belongings.

  • Parents must stay on the premises while their children are in our care.
  • There is a 2-hour maximum time allotted for kids to be signed into Kids’ Club.
  • We do not allow outside food or drink and will not change diapers.
  • We advise children not to bring toys from home. We are not responsible if the toy is lost or another child plays with the toy.
  • Parents may be called upon during their workout to attend to a behavioral issue, crying kiddo, or for a diaper change.

For safety reasons, the play area beyond the check-in gate is only for our tiniest Members and Team Members. Children can be always seen on our CLUB4 Tykes TV.

Kiddos must remain in Kids’ Club and are not permitted in the locker rooms or workout areas. Once your child turns 12, you can speak with a Front Desk Associate to sign them up for their own membership.

  • Vomiting 2 or more times in 24 hours
  • Having diarrhea with 3 or more watery stools in 24 hours
  • A sore throat with a fever or swollen glands
  • A fever with a temperature of 100° or more
  • An eye infection with thick mucus or drainage from the eye
  • A rash, lice, nits, or any rash especially with a fever or itching
  • If your little one is just not feeling very good, tired, pale, has a lack of appetite, is confused or cranky.
  • If any of the above arise, parents will be called to pick up their kiddo.

Proper exercise attire assures a healthy environment which is why the following restrictions MUST be followed:

  • No jeans, jean shorts, or work (non-athletic) clothing is permitted to be worn during workouts.
  • No work boots or open-toed shoes, including sandals, ‘flip-flops’ and/or crocs on the exercise floor, whereas proper athletic shoes are required to be worn on the exercise floor.
  • No cargo pants or non-athletic gear with zipper and/or metal buttons may be worn during exercise.
  • No hoodies or sunglasses are permitted on the exercise floor.
  • Clothing must not compromise safety, nor can it be considered provocative, so see-through material and clothing bearing controversial signs, sayings, and slogans are prohibited anywhere in the CLUB facility.

Prohibited Items and Activities FAQ

You cannot use the facilities at CLUB4 while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication. Also, CLUB4 does not permit smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs (including steroids) in its facilities.

No cameras, videotaping, or any photographic or video equipment are permitted unless you have written consent from CLUB4.

No video or photography is allowed in the facility at any time for social media use to promote personal training or online training business.

Food and beverage consumption is allowed in a spill-proof container.

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