Essential tips for sticking with your exercise routine during the fall

Keeping your fitness momentum going as the seasons change may seem like a challenge. And the fact is, the arrival of autumn and winter may impact your mood and health and affect your daily routine. There’s scientific evidence explaining why some people tend to feel down during the colder months. And when you’re feeling down, you may become less motivated to maintain your fitness routine.

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Don’t let all your hard work fall by the wayside at the turn of the season. Here are a few tips to keep you inspired.

Set fall fitness goals

Is your goal to maintain the fitness routine you’ve developed over the summer, become stronger and healthier, or to make substantial progress in your weight loss program before winter? Regardless of what you want to achieve, track the milestones that align with your goals. These may include measurable achievements like being able to do more sets of a difficult exercise, incorporating a new exercise into your routine, or decreasing your body fat percentage. Setting fitness goals for the fall will not only help you sustain your progress over the winter but is also a good way to make exercise a part of your routine, no matter the season. Fall temperatures may be cooler but not too cold that they become an impediment to exercise. The cooler weather may even be ideal for making progress.

Maintain healthy eating habits

There’s nothing like tucking into comfort food during autumn. And there are lots of other reasons to neglect the healthy eating habits you’ve developed. But with the summer just ended and the holiday season yet to begin, sticking with your healthy diet can, in fact, be easier during the fall. Stock up on healthy fall produce so you can harvest its benefits later. Opt for fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, pumpkins, figs, and Brussels sprouts. You’re allowed to have cheat days, but don’t go overboard.

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Switch up workout routines

As the season changes, you might find it harder to get off the couch. Autumn may also bring about changes in your sleeping habits and wellness routines. You can avoid losing your motivation by varying your fitness routine. This may involve adding extra exercises to your normal schedule, trying new exercises, or doing more strength training. You may want to work out during the day, instead of the evening when it’s much cooler. Note that varying your exercise routine doesn’t mean you’ll be neglecting the habits you have already developed. By switching things up, you can avoid the inevitable dips in energy and motivation. Plus, it helps keep things interesting!

Consider exercising indoors

Sweating it out under the sun is fun, but it’s absolutely fine if you’d rather work out indoors during cooler weather. And there are excellent substitutes for outdoor exercises. For example, you can take BODYCOMBAT classes, which are a non-contact martial arts-inspired workout combining karate, taekwondo, boxing, Muay Thai, and capoeira. It’s a highly energizing indoor fitness program that’s perfect if you’re looking for a workout that will help you stay fit and empowered. Whether you want personal training or group classes, fitness clubs offer engaging and fun exercise programs, regardless of the season. Learn more about fitness routines that you can stick to during the fall from the friendly, expert trainers at Club4Fitness, a place for everybody, with equipment for every BODY. The professional trainers at all our locations across Mississippi are ready to help!

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