Get ready to reach your fitness goals in 2020

Looking back on 2019, don’t be too hard on yourself if you weren’t as conscious of your calories as you promised you would be, or if you ended up not going to the gym as often as you said you would. Achieving and sustaining fitness objectives is no easy walk in the park, after all. […]

Look back on your 2019 fitness goals and prepare for 2020

As you’ve worked toward your goals throughout 2019 you may have surprised yourself by doing more than you thought you could… or you may have hit a snag. If the latter’s the case, don’t lose hope! Whether you set goals to lose weight, finish a 20km run, or maintain a consistently active lifestyle, it’s important […]

Boost your fitness progress by finding an accountability partner

If you’ve managed to stick to your exercise routine through the fall, congratulations! Resisting the temptation to stay glued to the couch, gorging on comfort food, takes strength. That said, there’s still lots of work to do and achieving your fitness goals is far from over. Related article: Essential tips for sticking with your exercise […]