Look back on your 2019 fitness goals and prepare for 2020

As you’ve worked toward your goals throughout 2019 you may have surprised yourself by doing more than you thought you could… or you may have hit a snag. If the latter’s the case, don’t lose hope! Whether you set goals to lose weight, finish a 20km run, or maintain a consistently active lifestyle, it’s important to look back on what you’ve attained and what you still need to do to get closer to becoming a healthier you.

REFLECT on your progress in your fitness journey

One of the crucial steps to getting closer to your ideal body is to set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goals. Reflect on your performance reaching the goals you set in 2019 and measure them against what you want to achieve in 2020. Setting a goal to “do four sets of basic burpees per workout session” is specific and, therefore, a better goal than just, “do more cardio.” If you want to make it measurable, set a goal to increase repetitions or training intensity over the next 1–3 months. If you wish to set more ambitious goals, that’s fine, too. However, aiming to do eight variations of burpees for two hours, five days a week may not be attainable and sustainable in the long term. Lofty goals are great and may be exactly what you need for motivation. But at the same time, you want goals that are realistic and achievable within a reasonable time frame. Otherwise, you risk repeated failures, which in time may dishearten you.

ASSESS your challenges and triumphs

It’s particularly helpful to identify the obstacles to achieving your goal — perhaps it was too challenging, too focused on one body part, or maybe it was too easy and did not challenge you enough. With all these considered, you may want to recalibrate your goal and set one that is holistic. Make sure you phrase your new goal positively and don’t be too hard on yourself for experiencing a setback. And as you assess your progress, you may be influenced by what others have done — that’s understandable. But instead of scrolling through Instagram and viewing an endless stream of other people’s perfect lives, talk to a good friend, training coach, or an accountability partner. Learn from their experiences and share your own thoughts about your journey. An accountability partner can even give you an outsider’s perspective that will help you see what you’ve accomplished and what you still need to improve.

PREPARE to end your year on a high note

Some people think December is not the ideal month to start or stick to a fitness routine, because it’s too easy to put off exercising and blame it on the holidays. But look at it this way: your loved ones may thank you for accepting their invitations to eat and drink during the most festive time of the year, but your body will thank you for keeping it healthy throughout the season’s festivities. So don’t wait until the new year to kickstart your workouts. And if you’re already making progress, don’t let your hard work fall by the wayside. Indulge if you must, but think long-term and stay on course. Find the time to do your cardio workouts whenever your busy December schedule permits. Beat the crowds who sign up for a gym membership in January. The time to start thinking about improving your health and wellness is always now.

MOVE FORWARD to reach your wellness goals

There are a few more days to go before you say goodbye to 2019. We welcome everybody and every BODY here at Club4Fitness, and we’ll help you take steps to get fitter and stay healthy as the new year rolls in. Our nationally certified trainers will be there at every stage of your fitness journey. End the year right and join us today. Get your free trial at any of our locations!

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