Personal Training

The CLUB4 Fitness Stages

If you’ve never been a gym person or it’s just been a while, a new workout regimen can feel overwhelming. To make the process more enjoyable and your goals truly achievable, we have created four stages of fitness that we use as a framework for all of our personalized workout programs:


It all begins with a simple decision — resolving to do what’s necessary to live the life you want.


Next, you start to make your fitness plan a reality. Old habits give way to fresh routines, slowly reshaping weaknesses into something new and exciting, then turning them into strengths


You have now earned better physical and mental wellness. It’s your reward, the reason why you started in the first place. Take a moment to enjoy it!


Once you’re hooked on that reward, this becomes the easiest part! You’ll effortlessly include this healthy habit in your system and continue to sustain the cycle.

Our Personal Training Method

CLUB4 Fitness’ nationally certified staff offers a range of exceptional programs to help members achieve their personal fitness goals, implement a healthy lifestyle, manage long-term weight loss and achieve personal strength training and cardiovascular condition goals. Additional programs such as team training, cycle, and sport-specific training are offered regularly.


Start building your game plan so you can build your way to a healthier you. First, you’ll have a free meeting with our fitness professionals to discuss your goals, and they’ll create a customized plan for how you can achieve them. Next, we’ll review progress photos as we continue our sessions. Even on off-days, we’ve got you covered.


Assessments are completed every 6-8 weeks depending on goals, progress & schedules. Personal Training client assessments include the below, but based on your goals we will add additional ones as needed.


Styku’s innovative health screens in 3D. Completely private, and contactless. Measures fat, muscle, and bone mass. Visualize your progress in 3D with Styku 3D body-scanning machine.

Full body measurements include the following parts:

Going the extra mile

We welcome people who are looking for that one-stop venue to get back on track. At CLUB4 Fitness, we offer 30 & 60-minute Personal Training sessions customized to fit your individual needs.


Our Personal Training includes additional resources to ensure that you don’t miss a workout, and understand the basics of nutrition and how nutrition pertains to your goals.

For more information on rates and policies or to select a trainer, contact the Personal Training Manager at the CLUB4 Fitness nearest you. Trainer profiles and complete personal training policies are also available at the fitness desk.