About The Club

Helping members live healthier lives by providing them with the finest fitness facility in the area

The Club is a membership-oriented health facility offering a wide array of health and fitness equipment that allow members to achieve their health and fitness goals through regular exercise programs.

At every location of The Club, we have combined the best workout classes with outstanding service and an unbeatable atmosphere. From the building design to the variety of equipment, The Club offers a truly unique experience.

Our goal is to improve the physical, medical, spiritual and emotional health of our community -- in other words, we want you to LIVE. LIFE. WELL.


Live each day and meet new challenges with energy and strength that radiate from the core of who you are. Live with intensity, live with passion.


Life is a gift, and each day requires that we embrace what we are given. Life allows us to adapt and change. Respect your life and live with focus.


Feel good, look good and stay healthy -- at any age and through every stage of your life. Take care of yourself inside and out. Be intentionally well.